Welcome to the Double Dare UK tabs pages. We are actually a live pub band performing around Horsham, Sussex, but I have published some of my 600 song tabs on this site for sharing amongst the music community. If you want to copy tabs, simply cut and paste the words off the page and straight into WORD or NOTEPAD. I have worked carefully on many of these TABS to make sure that the chords are shown directly over the words, so the chord change corresponds exactly to the place where you are singing. That means you can play the whole songs straight off the paperwork without having to think about the structure of the song at all. I hope you enjoy these CHORDS, and please check out the many more we have on the SONGS page. Check out my band on the rest of the website too if you are interested...


                Surrender       War (1983)


        Verse 1:

        A       D       E                   D          A

        The city's alight               With lovers and lies

             D       E                      D       A

        Bright blue eyes                The city is bright

           D       E

        It's brighter than day tonight

          riff A                        A    D    E    A

        Surrender               Surrender


        Verse 2:

              A        D        

        Sadie said she couldn't

        E                        D                             A

        Work out what it was all about          And so she let go

        D               E            D

        Now Sadie's on the street


        And the people she meets you know


        She tried to be a good girl       And a good wife

        E                                             D

        Raise a good family               Lead a good life


        It's not good enough

                D                 E

        She got herself up on the 48th floor

                         D                         A            riff A

        Got to find out, find out       What she's living for   Surrender






        Oh, the city's a fire           A passionate flame

        Which knows me by name  The city's desire

        To take me for more and more

        It's in the street getting under my feet

        It's in the air, it's everywhere I look for you

        It's in the things I do and say

        And if I want to live

        I've got to die to myself someday       Papa sing my sing my sing my song

        Papa sing my sing my sing my song       Papa sing my sing my sing my song




        define:  tune down 1/2 step...

        Verses: A-D-E-D-A       A:577655   D:55777x    E:77999x

        during the "Surrender" parts...:


        Riff A: