Welcome to the Double Dare UK tabs pages. We are actually a live pub band performing around Horsham, Sussex, but I have published some of my 600 song tabs on this site for sharing amongst the music community. If you want to copy tabs, simply cut and paste the words off the page and straight into WORD or NOTEPAD. I have worked carefully on many of these TABS to make sure that the chords are shown directly over the words, so the chord change corresponds exactly to the place where you are singing. That means you can play the whole songs straight off the paperwork without having to think about the structure of the song at all. I hope you enjoy these CHORDS, and please check out the many more we have on the SONGS page. Check out my band on the rest of the website too if you are interested...

              The Smiths

              Still Ill


       Intro: Am  F   G   G


       Verse 1:

          Am               F              G              G

       I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving

               Am       F                  G         G

       England is mine    and it owes me a living

                  Am           F            G      G

       But ask me why and I'll spit in your eye

          Am             F                 G    G

       Oh ask me why and I'll spit in your eye, oh

           Em         Am          F             G

       But we cannot cling to the old dreams anymore

          Em         Am      F              G

       No we cannot cling to those dreams

                Am        F

       Does the body rule mind?

                   G             G                       Am   F   G   G

       or does the mind rule the body?      I dunno...



                 Am   F         G        G

       Under the iron bridge we kissed

                      Am       F         G

       and although I ended up with sore lips

          Em         Am       F           G

       It just wasnt like the old days anymore

          Em       Am         F          G       Am    F   G       Am   F   G   G

       No it wasnt like those days,   Am I still ill?



       Verse 2:

                Am            F

       Does the body rule the mind

                   G             G                   Am   F  G   G

       or does the mind rule the body?      I dunno...

              Am      F         G    G

       Ask me why and I'll die

          Am             F        G    G

       oh ask me why and I'll die

                  Em          Am    F       G

       and if you must go to work tomorrow

               Em           Am               F    G

       well if I were you I wouldn't bother

                     Am                F                 G                 G

       for there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I've seen them

                    Am      F   G

       but not very often









       define: capo 4th fret









Chords used:

    F  Am  Em  G