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define: capo 4th fret

vocal:  1 - 13

                Dolly Parton

                Jolene                  Best of Dolly Parton (1976)




        Intro:  (wait for chorus to start)



        Am      C       G       Am      G                  Em                  Am      Am

        Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene  I'm begging of you please don't take my  man

        Am      C       G       Am      G                     Em              Am       Am

        Jolene, Jolene, Jolene. Jolene  Please don't take him just because you  can



        Verse 1:

             Am          C                 G                Am

        Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair

             G              Em              Am      Am

        with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

             Am              C                     G                  Am

        Your smile is like a breath of spring your voice is soft like summer rain

            G            Em           Am        Am

        And I can not compete with Jo -- lene


        Verse 2:

           Am              C                        G                   Am

        He talks about you in his sleep and there's nothing I can do to keep

             G              Em                 Am        Am

        from crying when he calls your name Jo -- lene

            Am           C              G                Am

        Now I can easily understand how you could easily take my man

            G                      Em             Am       Am

        But you don't know what he means to me Jo -- lene






        Verse 3:

        Am                C                 G             Am

        You can have your choice of men but I could never love again

        G             Em            Am       Am

        He's the only one for me Jo -- lene 

          Am               C                 G           Am

        I had to have this talk with you  My happiness depends on you

                G          Em            Am       Am

        and whatever you decide to do Jo -- lene








        Jolene   Jolene.







        define: Capo 4th fret