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              James Blunt

              No Bravery          Back to Bedlam (2007)




       Intro: Am  E  G  D  


       Verse 1:

       Am                          E                                G

       There are children standing here, arms outstretched into the sky


         Tears drying on their face.       He has been here

       Am                      E                              G

       Brothers lie in shallow graves, fathers lost without a trace


       A nation blind to their disgrace, since he's been here




        Am           E

       (And I see no bravery)

           G                D                  Am

       (No bravery) in your eyes anymore. Only sadness.


       (And I see no bravery)

           G                D                    Fmaj7       D         Fmaj7    D

       (No bravery) in your eyes,  anymore. Only sadness       Only sadness



       Verse 2:

       Am                  E                             G

       Houses burnt beyond repair, the smell of death is in the air


       A woman weeping in despair says, he has been here

       Am                     E                                   G

       Tracer lighting up the sky, it's another families‚ turn to die


       A child afraid to even cry out says, he has been here






       Verse 3:

       Am                          E                                G

       There are children standing here, arms outstretched into the sky


       But no one asks the question why, he has been here

       Am                             E                                 G

       Old men kneel and accept their fate, wives and daughters cut and raped


       A generation drenched in hate. Yes, he has been here



       Break: Am   E   G   D      Am   E   G   D    Fmaj7   D   Fmaj7   D



       Chorus:  x2 times