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              James Blunt

              Cry                 Back To Bedlam (2006)



       Intro: Em  Bm  C   D    x2 times


       Verse 1:

                   Em                 Bm    C                                D

       I have seen peace, I have seen pain, resting on the shoulders of your name

                      Em                       Bm

       do you see the truth, through all their lies

       C                                     D 

       do you see the world through troubled eyes




       G                     Bm               Em                    C

         and if you want to, talk about it anymore, lie here on the floor

       G       D          C              G   

       Cry i i hi, on the shoulder, of a friend


       Verse 2:

                   Em                 Bm     C                           D

       I have seen birth, I have seen death, lived to see a lovers final breath

                     Em                   Bm

       do you see my guilt, should I feel fine

              C                          D

       is the fire of hesitation burning bright


       Chorus 2:

       G                     Bm                  Em             C

         and if you want to, talk about it once again, on you i depend

            G       D           C                G

       I'll cry i i hi, on your shoulder, your a friend



       D                            G                 Em               C

       you and I have lived through many things, I'll hold on, to your heart

       D                     G          B aug

       I wouldn't cry for anything, but don't go, tearing your life apart


       Verse 3:

                   Em                Bm     C                              D

       I have seen fear, I have seen faith, seen the look of anger on your face

       G                     Bm                   Em                    C

         and if you want to, talk about what will be, come and sit with me


       Chorus 3:

       G       D         C               G

       Cry i i hi, on my shoulder, I'm a friend

       G                     Bm               Em                    C

         and if you want to, talk about it anymore, lie here on the floor



       G       D         C               G 

       Cry i i hi, on my shoulder, once again

       G       D         C               G    

       Cry i i hi, on my shoulder, i'm a friend.