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              I Want To Know What Love Is      Agent Provocateur (1985)



         Intro:  Em   D   G    C    Em   riff1


         Verse 1:

         Em             D             G                   C                    Em    

             I've gotta take a little time       A little time to think things over

                      D                G                   C                Em      D          Em   riff1

             I better read between the lines     In case I need it when I'm older   Whoa oh ah hoa

                      D               G                         C             Em        riff1

             Now this mountain I must climb      Feels like the world upon my shoulders

                         D                 G                  C                  Em    

             Through the clouds I see love shine  It keeps me warm as life grows colder



               Am                D             Am

         In my life there's been heartache and pain

                               D        Am 

         I don't know if I can face it again

                             D            Am

         Can't stop now I've travelled so far

            C        G/B    Am     G   Am      G

         To change   this   lone - ly  life



                        Em             D   riff2    Am     Em          D   riff2    G

              I want to know what love is                 I want you to show me

                        Em             D   riff2    Am     Em           D         D7            Em  riff1

              I want to feel what love is                 I know you can show me   oh oh oh whoahowoh


         Verse 2:

         Em           D             G                  C             Em         riff1

            I'm gonna take a little time      A little time to look around me

         Em          D               G                      C                Em        riff1

            I've got nowhere left to hide     It looks like love has finally found me






         Chorus: x 2

                        Em             D   riff2    Am     Em          D   riff2    G

              I want to know what love is                 I want you to show me

                        Em             D   riff2    Am     Em           D   

              I want to feel what love is                 I know you can show me




                      G                                    D      riff2

         (And I wanna feel)        I want to feel what love is

                C                                 D 

         (And I know)              I know you can show me   

                     G                                      D

         (Let's talk about love)   I want to know what love is

                             C                             D

         (Love that you feel inside)        I know you can show me

                              G                                      D

         (I'm feeling so much love)         I want to know what love is

                               C                           D

         (love you just cannot hide)        I know you can show me


         Show me so much love…


         riff1                     riff2

         Em                        D

         e---------------| |------------|

         B---------------| |---3-----0--|

         G----------0----| |------2-----|

         D------0-2---2--| |------------|

         A----2----------| |------------|

         E---------------| |------------|



















                               Dm  C              Gm

          ....           what love is (let's talk about love)

                    Dm   C

         I want you to ...

                  F                         Dm    C

         (I wanna feel) I want to feel ...

                Gm                          Dm    C                                F

         (And I know and I know) I know .... me (show me that it's real, yeah)

                               Dm  C                Gm

         ...              what love is (I wanna know)

                    Dm   C                              F

         ... you to show me (I wanna ....        know, wanna know)

                             Dm    C                Gm

         I want ....    what love is (I wanna feel)

                    Dm    C

         I know you can show ...

         Outro: Repeat chorus and fade w/ad lib lyrics