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The Cure Fiction Records

Charlotte Sometimes 1981



Verse 1:

Dm F C A Dm F C A

All the faces all the voices blur Change to one face change to one voice

Dm F C A

Prepares herself for bed The light is bright and glares on white walls

Dm F C A Dm F C A

All the sounds of Charlotte Sometimes In to the night with Charlotte Sometimes


Verse 2:

Dm F C A Dm F C A

Night after night she lay alone in bed Her eyes so open to the dark

Dm F C A

The streets all looked so strange, They seem so far away

Dm F C

But Charlotte did not cry The people seemed so close,

A Dm F C A

Playing their expressionless games The people seemed, so close, so many other names


Chorus 1:

Dm F

Sometimes I知 dreaming Where all the other people dance

Dm C

Sometimes I知 dreaming Charlotte Sometimes

Dm F

Sometimes I知 dreaming Expressionless the trance,

Dm C

Sometimes I知 dreaming So many different names

Dm F

Sometimes I知 dreaming The sounds all stay the same

Dm C

Sometimes I知 dreaming She hopes to open shadowed eyes

On a different world


Come to me scared princess, Charlotte Sometimes


Verse 3:


On that bleak track (See the sun is gone again)


The tears were pouring down her face She was crying and crying for a girl


Who died so many years before


Chorus 2:

Sometimes I dream Where all the other people dance

Sometimes I dream Charlotte Sometimes

Sometimes I dream The sounds all stay the same


Sometimes I知 dreaming There are so many different names


Sometimes I dream Sometimes I dream


Verse 4:


Charlotte Sometimes crying for herself Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself


But its always with love, With so much love, it looks like everything else


Of Charlotte Sometimes

So far away, glass sealed and pretty, Charlotte Sometimes